A Deep Learning Model for Diagnosing Gastric Mucosal Lesions Using Endoscopic Images: Development, Validation, and Method Comparison

AI model for accurate classification of the mucosal lesion along with depth preidction using a single endoscopic image was proposed. Results show that the developed model is on par with or even exceeds performance of practiced experts.

Feature Disentanglement in generating three-dimensional structure from two-dimensional slice with sliceGAN

SliceGAN, stochastic model to synthesize 3D microstructures from 2D images, is endowed with the ability to disentangle features, and continuously control these features via AdaIN.

Simultaneous super-resolution and motion artifact removal in diffusion-weighted MRI using unsupervised deep learning

Unsupervised deep learning for simultaneous super-resolution and motion artifact removal of diffusion-weighted MRI scans is proposed.