Optimal Transport

Unpaired deep learning for accelerated MRI using optimal transport driven cycleGAN

A novel unpaired learning scheme for accelerated MRI, OT-cycleGAN was extensively applied and was found effective for the reconstruction of multi-coil static MRI.

Unpaired training of deep learning tMRA for flexible spatio-temporal resolution

OT-cycleGAN for the reconstruction of time resolved magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) was proposed. The derived method enables flexible control of sptial and temporal resolution.

Two-Stage Deep Learning for Accelerated 3D Time-of-Flight MRA without Matched Training Data

Two-stage unsupervised reconstruction method for 3D TOF-MRA is developed. A novel projection discriminator in the axial reconstruction step drastically enhances the vessel visiblity.

Missing Cone Artifacts Removal in ODT using Unsupervised Deep Learning in Projection Domain

Unsupervised missing-cone resolving method is proposed in the context of ODT.